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Our Vision

Capretta Pools caters to provide customers with an outdoor living space that is pleasing to the eye and also enjoyable for friends and family. Building with long-lasting materials that will endure for years to come, your investment will maintain to be enjoyed for generations.

Our motivation is that moment when your dream swimming pool or spa finally becomes a reality.
At Capretta Pools, you’ll be dealing with visionaries—we’ll introduce you to options for your swimming pool you may not even be aware of.
We turn dreams into reality, designing state-of-the-art, family-friendly swimming pools. Difficult-to-access blocks and sloping sites don’t get in our way. When others are saying it’s not going to be easy, at Capretta Pools, we say, ‘game on’.

"Our motivation is that moment when your dream swimming pool or spa finally becomes a reality."


Meet Mark Capretta


Mark Capretta, Capretta Pools founder and owner, has over 15 years experience working on top-of-the-line projects in the pool industry.

His building techniques were honed in well before he started working with pools. It all started in the themed construction industry where he was shown building techniques used to construct dinosaurs and their artificial environments.

In that time he learned how to shape metal and sculpt concrete to mimic rock for an array of different dinosaur scenes. From there, Mark took his skills and started his own landscape company that focused on waterfall construction. Since waterfalls and pools go hand in hand, Capretta Pools has transformed into an all-rounded pool and landscape company.

Mark has personal experience with pool design and layout. He is involved in all phases of pool construction; from excavation, plumbing, steel and concrete, to finishing touches like tile mosaics, pool decks and pool training.


I am super happy with the concrete pool Mark and his team built for my parents. I would highly recommend him to people I know! Thanks again Mark!
Josh R

- Josh R -

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