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Premium Concrete

Capretta Pools uses a process call “cast in place” concrete to build their pools.  It is the highest quality process that produces the highest quality strength. 

What is Gunite, shotcrete and cast in place? Contact Us! We would love to teach you.


A Vinyl lined swimming pool is a pool that has a concrete bottom, galvanized steel walls and a vinyl liner that is attached at the top and layed inside.  What separates vinyl pool builders from one another will be their craftsmanship and attention to detail. Please contact Capretta pools and landscaping so we can answer any further questions.

Premium Waterfalls

Having experience building in the themed construction industry,  Capretta Pools and Landscaping is able to combine real rock and artificial rock.  Allowing our waterfalls to be realistic and seamless.  No more stacked stone waterfalls!

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